Craftsmanship Guarantee

All Campus Quilt Co. t-shirt quilts are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for one year; t-shirt blankets three months. In the event of such defects or if t-shirts or the item is damaged or lost, our sole liability will be, at our discretion, to repair the defect to the extent possible or to refund an amount corresponding to the damage, not to exceed the original price of the quilt.

Customer Service Guarantee

Campus Quilt Co. guarantees that our Customer Service Team will continue to stand out as the best in the industry as personal, caring, and attentive to customer needs and requests. While email is a primary means of communication, a live Customer Service Representative is available during business hours in Louisville, KY to talk through questions and provide answers.


Campus Quilt Co. charges a $100 deposit per quilt when you order. This deposit never expires.


Shipping items to Campus Quilt Co. is the responsibility of the customer. The Design Guide provides instruction for sending your items to Campus Quilt Co. There is a Return Shipping fee of $19.99 per package that will be applied on your final invoice, upon completion of your quilt(s)/blanket(s).


Your final balance is charged to the card on file when your quilt is complete. Completed quilts are not shipped until final payment is received. If final payment is not received within 60 days of completion, there will be a $19.99 monthly storage fee added to your invoice. If communication and/or final payment is not received within a year of completion, your order will be considered abandoned and donated. 

Abandoned Orders

An abandoned order is defined as, an order that has been received at Campus Quilt Co. and 

  1. The order cannot proceed to production due to lack of clarity or information and the customer has not responded to repeated contact attempts for 30 days. 
  2. The order has been completed, final payment is required, and the customer has not responded to repeated contact attempts for 60 days.

Abandoned orders that cannot proceed to production after 30 days will be packaged and returned to the customer’s address on file. At that time, the customer forfeits their initial deposit. However, after the customer receives their items back, should they choose to begin a new order, with a new deposit, and send their items to Campus Quilt for completion within 6 months of the original order, Campus Quilt will credit their final balance $50 (from their initial deposit) at the completion of the order.

Abandoned orders that are completed, awaiting final payment and the customer has not responded to repeated contact attempts for 60 days will incur a $19.99 monthly storage fee. If final payment is not received within a year of completion, the order will be donated and the initial deposit forfeited. 


Custom squares and custom layouts completed by our team do not appear on every order but orders are subject to these charges. Orders incur these charges when you do not layout your order, or when our team uses creative discretion and ability to create the best product using custom squares or items are repaired. If no instruction is given, we will always proceed based on what has been communicated throughout our site and the design guide. See FAQ page for more information. 

Coupons and Discounts

Only one coupon or discount is permitted per transaction or in accordance with the sale terms and conditions.

Gift Cards & Certificates
  • Gift Cards and Certificates may only be used between January 10 thru September 30.
  • Gift Cards and Certificates never expire or decrease in value.
Rush Fees & Delivery Deadline
  • A rush fee per quilt is required anytime you would like us to guarantee delivery by a specific date earlier than the current turnaround time.
  • With a rush fee, your requested delivery date must be at least 10 business days after receipt of your t-shirts for guaranteed delivery.
  • Additional expedited shipping charges may be required for rush orders.
  • Special rules apply to delivery during the Christmas Season (October 1 to January 10th) – see Christmas Season Guidelines.
Standard Delivery Guarantee
  • If we fail to deliver your quilt by our guaranteed delivery date as specified above, we will credit you 15% of the purchase price, not to exceed $50, as compensation for late delivery.
  • Delivery gurantee requires that you indicate a delivery date on your order form, and select rush if necessary. Phone or email requests to change details on your order form are attemped but not guaranteed.

Campus Quilt is not responsible for delays in shipping caused by any carrier.

All guarantees are null and void if federal or local restrictions prohibit us or carriers from operating.

Privacy Policy

Your personal data will be used to process your order, support your experience throughout this website, and communicate updates and promotions. View our complete privacy policy

Property Release

Customer will not hold Campus Quilt Company liable for any accidents to their personal items while in our possession (i.e., premises fire, natural disasters, hurricane, tornados etc.) We will take every precaution to care for your items. We know many of these items are usually one-of-a-kind, and will do everything in our power and within reason to make the situation right.

Photo Release

Customer releases any and all photos of their final product to Campus Quilt Co. for promotional and company use unless communicated in writing by the customer.  

By placing an order over the phone, on this website, or by shipping your shirts to Campus Quilt Co you are accepting these terms and conditions.


Christmas Season (Nov 1 – Jan 10) Guidelines 

  • Christmas Season Orders
    • T-Shirts that arrive in November without a due date will be completed after the Christmas Season ends (January 10)
    • Specialty quilts, such as, Hodge-Podge and Baby Quilts
      • are not completed during the Christmas season and 
      • are not guaranteed due extensive time requirements. 
  • Christmas Season Deadlines & Delivery

Normal delivery times and rush fee guarantees do not apply during Christmas Season.

    • Standard Christmas Delivery (#UnderTheTreeGuarantee)
      • Order will be delivered by December 24th. (We reserve the right to deliver on December 25th though it is unlikely.)
      • your order must be placed before 12am on December 1st,
      • your items must be received in-house by 12 am December 1st,
      • and a Christmas due date must be written on the order form or #UnderTheTreeGuarantee must be checked off.
      • We reserve the right to make changes at anytime.
    • Rush Christmas Delivery
      • A rush fee is required
      • The delivery date written is before December 24rd
      • The order must meet the guidelines for Standard Christmas Delivery above.
      • Delivery is not guaranteed it is only an attempt. If we don’t meet your requested date there is no additional charge.
      • Additional shipping charges may be required.
      • We reserve the right to make changes at anytime.
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