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If you are like most active people, you have a pile of treasured old t-shirts, jeans, ties, or baby clothes that you just can't bear to throw away. Campus Quilt Company can help. Born in 2000 as the thesis project for my MBA, Campus Quilt became a company dedicated to turning your old clothes into lasting memories in the form of fun and functional quilts and bedspreads. 

We have earned the respect and trust of customers around the country and that little class project has grown into a fun and lasting endeavor. There are dozens of reasons our customers trust us to produce their invaluable memory quilts. We regularly get thank-you notes praising our professionalism, frequent updates, quality, and quick turnaround. We can tell you why we think we are the best....but don't just take our word for it...read about our process below or take a look at some of our t-shirt quilt customer reviews .

Thank you for trusting us with your memories.

Leigh Lowe

6 reasons to trust Campus Quilt Co. with your memories and t-shirts:

1.  Quilting. It may come as a surprise that a company would claim to offer t-shirt quilts that aren't actually quilted, but this is more common than you might expect. Many t-shirt quilt companies simply sew the squares together, then sew the perimeter of the quilt to the backing. Or they might only tack the corners of each shirt to the backing. Even more shocking is that these companies often charge considerably MORE than Campus Quilt Co. for this subpar service that allows the quilts to stretch and distort over time. At Campus Quilt, we use a long-arm quilting machine to quilt a pattern throughout the entire quilt (see image below). You'll appreciate how much more durable and attractive our method is.

Campus Quilt Company Other T-Shirt Quilts

We will use one of the following patterns on your quilt. If you want to specify one, please let us know when you return your t-shirts.

Loop (most popular)

Loop Quilting Pattern


Crazy Quilting Pattern

2.  Corner Alignment. Our expert quilters work very hard to ensure the best alignment of your t-shirts. This means the difference between a quilt that looks crooked and sloppy and a quilt that is beautiful and square when laid flat. It is attention to detail that distinguishes a Campus Quilt.

3.  Special Services. Don't hesistate to ask us for special services....we can do it all...and probably have. Because of our experience and general sewing expertise, we can sew on practically anything we can get a needle through to make your quilt extra special. Our quilts have proudly displayed badges, school letters, medals, canvas bags, jackets, ribbons, etc. Just e-mail us or give us a call!

4.  Speed. Campus Quilt can usually return a quilt to a customer within two to four weeks of receipt of shirts, depending on the services required. We also try extra hard to meet special occasion deadlines. Challenge us with your special requests and deadlines....we won't disappoint.

5.  Customer Service. We understand that you are anxious about putting your valuable memories in the mail, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible. We will email you at every step in our process: arrival of shirts, quilt in production, quilt shipped back, payment processed, so you are informed about the status of your order all along the way. In addition, we provide you with tracking numbers so you can keep on top of your shirts and quilt during travel. We will also contact you if we have any questions while making your quilt, and we will advise you of extra charges before they are incurred. It's just the way we do business.

6.  Price. With all these great features, you would expect Campus Quilts to be expensive...but for about the same price of a standard department store blanket, you can have a customized, well-made Campus Quilt. Your memories are worth it!

Leigh Lowe
Leigh Lowe - Founder

Campus Quilt Company



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5 Reasons to get your T-shirt Quilt from us

#2 Great communication and service make sure your t-shirt quilt is exactly the way you want it.

#3 We actually quilt, instead of just tacking the corners. Isn't that what you'd expect in a t-shirt quilt?

#4 Speed - Our t-shirt quilts average 2-4 weeks with rush turn around available in 1 week or less from our shop in Louisville, Ky. Plan for a little extra time near Christmas and graduation.

#5 Customer Satisfaction - see what our customers think about their quilts. customer comments

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