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We will charge $100 now and the balance when we ship your quilt.
You can always change your size or options when you send in your shirts.

Sample Quilt With BordersSashing (Borders Around Each Square): You may select cloth borders between each square which will add approximately 1.5" of fabric between every row and column. Borders between each square tend to greatly improve the looks of quilts that have mostly white or single color t-shirts. Your borders will be the same color as the backing. Most Popular Option

9 Square Quilt Sashing
12 Square Quilt Sashing $36.00
16 Square Quilt Sashing $48.00
20 Square Quilt Sashing $60.00
24 Square Quilt Sashing $72.00
25 Square Quilt Sashing $75.00
30 Square Quilt Sashing $90.00
36 Square Quilt Sashing $108.00
42 Square Quilt Sashing $126.00
49 Square Quilt Sashing $147.00


T-shirt Quilt EmbroideryEmbroidery: Adding lines of embroidery is a great way to commemorate a special event or accomplishment. Each line may have up to 15 letters and spaces. The maximum height on the embroidered letters is approximately 1" tall. Embroidery may be done on the front or back of the quilt in any square.

1-2 Lines of Embroidery
2-4 Lines of Embroidery $40.00
5-6 Lines of Embroidery $50.00
Delivery Time: Typical delivery time is 2 1/2 to 3 weeks from receipt of shirts. Call if you need guaranteed delivery for a special event. You may also use our printable orderform.