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Quilt or Blanket?



T-Shirt Quilt or T-Shirt Blanket?

Know the difference between ordering a t-shirt quilt and a t-shirt blanket. Many companies use these terms interchangeably, but they are two different products. Two big factors set t-shirt quilts apart from t-shirt blankets.

The Artistic Quilting Pattern

The most notable difference is the quilting pattern over the entire surface of the quilt. This artistic and creative pattern gives the quilt increased beauty, value, and durability. Most often the quilting pattern is recognized for the beauty and character it adds to each individual quilt. Without this your t-shirt “quilt” is just a t-shirt blanket.

The Durable Construction

When you are wanting to preserve your memories for years to come the construction of a t-shirt quilt contributes to its durability and longevity. It will withstand normal wear and tear for generations because of its layered construction and the secure surface stitching. 

T-shirt quilt Construction

A t-shirt quilt consists of three separate layers.

  1. Top Layer (front) – Your favorite t’s and memorable fabrics that tell your story and preserve your memories.
  2. Middle Layer – A cotton/polyester batting that creates warmth and weight to every quilt.
  3. Bottom Layer (back) – The backing material (100 % cotton, flannel, or polar fleece) and color of your choice. Here at Campus Quilt Co.    

These layers are then “stitched” or quilted together over the entire surface of the top layer. This keeps all three layers in place and keeps the batting in the middle from coming loose and bunching up. 

T-shirt Blanket Construction

A t-shirt blanket consists of two separate layers

  1. Top Layer (front) – Your favorite t’s and memorable fabrics that tell your story and preserve your memories.
  2. Bottom Layer (back) – The polar fleece backing of your choice.    

These layers are then sewn together on the outer seams creating a border that keeps the two layers bound together at the edges. 

We believe it is important to understand the difference between a t-shirt quilt and a t-shirt blanket. Too often a customer contacts us disappointed because they bought a “t-shirt quilt” for less somewhere else and received a t-shirt blanket. 

For over 20 years Campus Quilt Co. has built a reputation committed to quality, custom t-shirt quilts. Each quilt becomes an individual canvas with a story and memories to share. Let us tell share your story, order now.  

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