Ordering a T-Shirt Quilt is Easy!

Campus Quilt Co. wants the process of preserving your memories in a t-shirt quilt to be simple and satisfying. Our Customer Care Team is ready to walk through any of the following steps with you to be sure we create the custom t-shirt quilt you want. 

  1. Order online or call 502-968-2850.
  2. Receive an email that walks you through preparing your items (please don’t precut your shirts)
  3. Ship us your items.
  4. We’ll take care of the rest!

Step 1: Place Your Order

Visit our online ordering page, select the size quilt you want and place your order. Not sure what size quilt to go with? Answering these two questions may help you decide.

  • How many t-shirts do I have? Keep in mind, 1 t-shirt equals 1 square, so 9 t-shirts are needed for a 9 square quilt.
  • Do I want to use the front and the back of my t-shirts? If you use the front and the back of a single t-shirt, that would be 2 squares in your quilt.

Placing the order is the first step. Once you place your order online you will receive a confirmation email with the T-Shirt Quilt Design Guide.

**Changes to your order can be made right up to the beginning of production.

Step 2: Prepare Your Items & Complete Your Design Guide

The T-Shirt Quilt Design Guide is what Campus Quilt Co. uses to preserve your memories and create your custom t-shirt quilt. That is why we have you complete it with your t-shirts in front of you and ask you to send it with your t-shirts. The guide walks you through each option to customize your quilt!

  • Learn about the many different ways you can customize your quilt before you complete your guide! 
  • Mark your selections on the T-Shirt Quilt Design Guide and be sure to include the completed guide with your t-shirts.
  • STOP! Don’t cut those t-shirts! Unlike other companies Campus Quilt Co. does all the work for you and doesn’t want you to cut your t-shirts before sending them.

Once you have completed your T-Shirt Quilt Design Guide include it with your t-shirts and move onto the next step, shipping your t-shirts.

**Changes can be made right up to the beginning of production.

Step 3: Ship Your T-Shirts

Campus Quilt Co. is committed to honest, transparent communication throughout the process. We want to encourage you to: 

  • Use a private carrier like UPS, FedEx, or another reputable carrier. Campus Quilt Co. is located in Louisville, KY a main hub for UPS. We have a great working relationship with our local team.
  • Pack your shirts thoroughly in a box. Consider wrapping them to help protect them in the event that your box is damaged during transit.
  • Tape your box securely. Be sure all seams have been taped.
  • Don’t forget, include your completed T-Shirt Quilt Design Guide in the box with your t-shirts.

We also want to assure you:

  • While we are not responsible for lost or damaged packages, we will always work diligently on your behalf to locate and/or resolve any issues that arise during transit. This commitment includes when you send your t-shirts to Campus Quilt Co. and when we send your completed custom t-shirt quilt back to you.

Review these other FAQ’s about shipping

**Changes can be made right up to the beginning of production.

We Create Your Quilt!

When we receive your package at Campus Quilt Co. you will receive the first of multiple email notifications sent to you throughout the creation of your t-shirt quilt. 

  • Confirmation that we have received your package and reviewed your completed T-Shirt Quilt Design Guide
    • If we have any questions or need clarification regarding your instructions we will email or call you.
    • If you have any questions or want to clarify instructions regarding your order you can reply to that email or call us directly.
    • Changes can still be made at this time
  • Notification that we are beginning production of your t-shirt quilt. 
    • If you have not already, this email indicates the final opportunity for you to contact us to clarify or make any last minute changes to your quilt.
    • If we have any questions, we will contact you for clarification. 
  • Notification that we are putting the final touches on your custom t-shirt quilt and shipping it soon!

Review these other FAQ’s about shipping

**Changes can be made right up to the beginning of production.

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