Our Story Begins with Yours

Campus Quilt Co. was born out of my love for helping others preserve their memories and the memories of those they love by creating a custom tshirt quilt. I organized and formed Campus Quilt Co. as the thesis for my MBA over 20 years ago. Since then we have been capturing people’s stories by incorporating every kind of fabric into our lasting memory quilts that are family keepsakes, heirlooms, and exciting conversation starters.  

Each quilt shares a piece of someone’s story. One may tell of an event or adventure, another may tell about a season of time such as high school or college, another may honor a team or mission, and another may whisper the story of the life of a loved one who has already passed. Each quilt shares a story.   

We believe everyone has a story that is worth telling. You have created the memories and Campus Quilt Co. looks forward to preserving them for you. Let’s tell your story with a tshirt quilt!

Preserving Memories,

Leigh Lowe


TShirt Quilts & Beyond

Campus Quilt Co. is located in Louisville, KY and all of our quilts are proudly made in the USA. Over the years we have partnered with local and international nonprofits to help make the city of Louisville, and the world, a warmer place. Here are a few…

T-shirt Quilt Co. Re:center Partner

Supporting Work Re-entry

Re:Center Ministries is a nonprofit organization that reconciles homeless and hurting people in Louisville to God, family, and community. Campus Quilt Co. has been providing residents of Re:Center‘s 18-month recovery program with a seamless transition back into the workforce and the second chance they need to pursue sustainable lives and become contributing members of our community.

T-shirt Quilt Co. Portland Promise Center Partner

Preparing the Next Generation

Portland Promise Center seeks to improve the physical, educational, and spiritual lives of children and youth in Louisville, KY. To help them further this mission, Campus Quilt Co. donates quilts to Portland Promise Center.

Providing for Those in Need

Samaritan’s Purse  is an international ministry that provides spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Campus Quilt Co. is thankful for the opportunity to donate material so that volunteers can make resources and gifts for children, individuals, and families.  

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