Campus Quilt Co. has a proven ordering process and different ways to customize your t-shirt quilt. However, you may have a few questions. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for give us a call, send us an email, or drop a quick chat.  

The Basics

A blanket has two layers, a quilt has three layers and a quilt has an artistic stitching pattern over the entire surface of the quilt that binds the three layers together to increase durability.

Your t-shirt squares make up the top layer, followed by the batting for weight and warmth, then the final layer of  backing material.  

Learn more about the difference between a quilt and blanket.

Yes, you can use the front, back, or both sides of a single shirt for your t-shirt quilt. Please attach the numbers from the T-Shirt Quilt Design Guide to each side that you would like to use.

Yes, we can incorporate almost any clothing material in your t-shirt quilt. Custom squares require an additional fee. Please note, items that require reinforcement (spandex, nylon, thin, or stretchy) will incur a labor fee.

Yes, we can accommodate a variety of shirt sizes in the same quilt. If the item is too small, we would add material that is similar or complementary in color would be added to the sides.

Yes, we can create collage squares that include multiple graphics from a single shirt or multiple shirts. As long as the graphics fit within the 15″x15″ square, they can be combined. 

Yes! Creating your custom t-shirt quilt is what we do best! Please see the chart below for fabric measurements if you plan to send your own backing. Most cotton and flannel materials will work, but if you are unsure please email us.

Our current backing material and color options are:

  • 100% Cotton (included with t-shirt quilts)

Black, Gray, White, Maroon, Royal Blue, Denim Blue, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Purple, or Khaki

  • Flannel (+$30)

Black, Royal Blue, Denim Blue, Navy Blue, Pink, Purple, Hunter Green, Sage Green, Khaki, or Gold

  • Polar Fleece (+$30)

Bright Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Gray, and Black

  • Polar Fleece (highly recommend for t-shirt blankets; $30 waived)

Bright Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Gray, and Black


  1. Place your order online online or over the phone at 502-968-2850 with the $100 deposit per quilt.
  2. Print and Complete the T-Shirt Quilt Design Guide received in your order confirmation email.
  3. Box and ship your shirts to:
    Campus Quilt Co.
    4607 Poplar Level Road, Suite 102
    Louisville, KY 40213
  4. Once we receive your shirts you will receive an email confirmation. 
  5. From that point, we will send an email at each step of the production process. At any time, you are free to reply to those emails or call with questions or clarifications. 

Yes, we ask that you wash your items before sending them to us. Washing them prevents the colors from bleeding and makes working with them a little more pleasant for our team.

No, we do all of the cutting for you! You can send in your entire shirt and we will handle the cutting.

Yes, we ask that you layout your quilt and send a photo of the layout to us. The T-Shirt Design Guide will come with a layout guide and sheet of numbers to help you create your layout. If you do not layout your quilt, there will be a $25 Custom Layout added to your invoice.

Unless otherwise noted, all of our t-shirt quilts consist of 14.5″x14.5″ finished squares. We cut the shirts 15″x15″ with 14.5″x14.5″ visibility on the final product. 

Below, you can see how we cut 15″ squares before we sew them into finished 14.5″ squares. Please note, if the graphic is near the collar, the collar may be included within the square to give the completed square the best look.

Our turnaround time varies depending on the season. Typically we maintain a 3-4 week turnaround time from the date we receive your items in house. However, during Graduation and Christmas seasons the turnaround times will increase. Please see Terms & Conditions for more details.

Yes. As long as your delivery date is within our current turnaround time, there should be no issue meeting your request. You can also add a Rush ($40/quilt) to your quilt to gurantee delivery within 2 weeks from the date your items are received. Please provide your requested delivery date on your order form.

No, we ask that you only pay the $100 deposit to get your order started. The remaining balance will be charged to the card on file once the quilt is complete.

No, only one coupon or discount is allowed per order.

For the best care of your quilt, we recommend dry-cleaning only. Although not recommended, if you would prefer to use a washing machine, the cold/gentle cycle and air-drying the quilt would be best.

T-Shirt Blankets can be washed at home on cold/gentle cycle and dried on low-heat.

To submit a review, go to the product you would like to review then press “reviews” toward the middle of the screen.

For example, if you would like to submit a review for a T-Shirt Quilt, you would click “Order Now” toward the top of this page then “T-Shirt Quilt” then scroll toward the middle of the screen to “reviews”.

Custom Services & Upgrades

Sashing is a 1.5″ frame around each square that increases the size of your quilt. It is not required but does set each square apart providing a more distinguished look. 

quilt with sashing

Batting is the layer of material between the t-shirt layer and the backing. The photograph below illustrates the thickness of our polyester batting. We also offer a 100% cotton batting for an additional charge.

Binding is a 3/4″ border around the quilt. It is formed by pulling the excess backing to the front of the quilt to close the quilt. Binding is standard on all quilts.

Embroidery is a personalized message. The embroidered message can be within a square on the front or on a piece of fabric on the back of the quilt.

Up to 2 lines (15 characters per line) $30
Up to 4 lines (15 characters per line) $40
Up to 6 lines (15 characters per line) $50

The wall hanging sleeve is a slip of fabric sewn onto the back of the quilt at the top.

You provide digital or physical photos you would like as squares on your quilt and we transfer them on a white t-shirt background. Photo squares are $15 per square.

Yes, please call or email us to request the T-Shirt Quilt Design Guide by mail. The mailed version will include the Design Guide, numbered stickers and fabric swatches. There is a $5 shipping/handling fee for the design guide by mail.

There is a Coupon Code box at checkout to type in your Gift Certificate number.

Yes, we can use neckties within the squares on the quilt. Please contact us for specific quotes on tie squares and tie quilts.

Yes, baby clothing can be used as squares. Please visit our Baby Quilt page for further information.

baby quilt with sashing
baby quilt with sashing

Yes, we have specialty sewers dedicated to these type of quilts. Please visit our Hodge Podge Quilts page for pricing.


We recommend using a box for shipping as bags tend to rip during transit. Follow the instructions in the T-Shirt Quilt Design Guide for packaging your t-shirts. If you have any additional questions, please contact us via email or phone.

Yes, but we do recommend sending the entire shirt. If you choose to split the shirt, be careful when cutting. To get the best square possible, we will need the entire side that you would like on your quilt. If you cut too narrow, this could result in unnecessary appliques ($7.5/ea).

We strongly encourage using UPS or FedEx. 

Yes, Campus Quilt Co. has preserved the memories of individuals and families around the world! All associated costs with international shipping will be added to the final invoice upon completion of the quilt and will reflect the direct shipping cost, no additional fees.  

Rest assured, we will assist you as much as is reasonably possibly at any time you experience difficulty with a package you have sent to us or you are expecting from us. Unfortunately, once a package of any nature is picked up by the carrier it becomes their responsibility and under their control. As a result, Campus Quilt Co. is not responsible for items lost or damaged while in transit via any carrier. 

Campus Quilt Co. has a healthy working relationship with all of our local carriers but has chosen to partner with UPS for the return of all completed memory quilts to customers (this does not apply to international shipments). We encourage you to use UPS when sending your t-shirts to us. 

There is a $19.99 flat rate return shipping cost per product/package.

Custom T-Shirt Pillows

Yes. We have two sizes for t-shirt pillows.

Small: 16”x16

Large: 30”x30”

You can place a pillow order here: T-Shirt Pillow

Our small pillows 16”x16” require 1 to 2 t-shirts. You can design the t-shirt pillow in two separate ways.

  • Standard: 1 t-shirt square on the front and polar fleece backing on the back.
  • Double Sided ($10): 1 t-shirt square on the front and 1 t-shirt square on the back. 

Our large pillows 30”x30” require 4 to 8 t-shirts. You can design the t-shirt pillow in two separate ways.

  • Standard: 4 t-shirt square on the front and polar fleece backing on the back.
  • Double Sided ($10): 4 t-shirt squares on the front and 4 t-shirt squares on the back.

Add sashing to your large pillow to really set off your design! 

Sashing would be $12 per side.

Yes. We have three different sizes for pillowcases. You can order a pillowcase here: T-Shirt Pillow Case

Pillowcase – $69









The pillowcase would require 2-4 t-shirts. You can design the pillowcase in two separate ways.

  • Standard: 2 t-shirt squares on the front and 2 t-shirt squares on the back.
  • Special Requested Cotton Backing ($10): 2 t-shirt squares on the front and cotton backing on the back.

Yes. We call these custom squares. Custom squares can range from $7.50 to $10 each.

Small Pillows and Pillowcases have a flat rate shipping cost of $9.99 per item.
Large Pillows have a flat rate shipping cost of $19.99 per item.

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