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Create Your Custom T-Shirt Quilt

Tell your story and share your memories with a custom t-shirt quilt!  Once you place your order you will receive the T-Shirt Quilt Design Guide.

The Design Guide will walk you through selecting from the following options to create your custom t-shirt quilt. The completed T-Shirt Quilt Design Guide is the primary instructions used by Campus Quilt Co. to produce your custom quilt.

The more details you give us, the better. We preserve your memories, your way!       

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  • Backing Material Selection

    The backing material and color is the most noticeable choice you have when customizing your quilt. You can choose between:

100% Cotton Colors (included in price):

Black, Gray, White, Maroon, Royal Blue, Denim Blue, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Purple, or Khaki. Based on availability.

Flannel Colors (+$30):

Black, Royal Blue, Denim Blue, Navy Blue, Pink, Hunter Green, Sage Green, Purple, Khaki, or Gold. Based on availability.

Polar Fleece Colors (+$30):

Black, Bright Red, Royal Blue, and Navy Blue. Based on availability.

  • Quilting Pattern Selection 

    • The quilting pattern is the artistic pattern that quilts (or stitches) your top t-shirt layer, the middle batting layer, and your chosen backing material together. 
    • Learn more about how the quilting pattern enhances beauty and durability.

Loop Quilting Pattern

Meandering/Crazy Quilting Pattern

  • Sashing 

    • Our most popular addition!
    • Sashing is a 1 1/2 inch piece of fabric between each square that makes each shirt more distinguished and set apart.
    • The sashing can be the same color as your backing or different.
    • Due to the thickness of fleece, we can only use cotton or flannel for sashing.
    • Sashing is an additional $3 per square.
quilt with sashing

The green fabric between each shirt is sashing.

You can select any cotton or flannel color available for your quilt.

yes sashing

Sashing goes between each shirt (pictured here) to frame the square.

  • Embroidery

    • Personalize your t-shirt quilt with a beautifully embroidered message. This is a great addition if you are giving a gift or if you are wanting to commemorate one of your life’s most memorable events!
    • You choose the font, the thread color, the location, and the message!
    • Include up to 6 lines with 15-20 characters each, pricing starts at $30.  

Font: Block 1

Font: Block 2

Font: Old English

Font: Script

  • Personal Photo Squares

    • Include personal photos in your custom t-shirt quilt!
    • Campus Quilt Co. will print a high quality digital photo on a blank white t-shirt and include it in your quilt where you want it.
    • Indicate the number of photo squares you would like on your T-Shirt Quilt Design Guide and mail them with your t-shirts or send them via email to [email protected] with your order number in the subject line.  
    • Photo squares cost $15 per square. 

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