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Beyond our Standard T-Shirt Quilt we offer endless customization with our Specialty T-Shirt Quilts. These are captured under three categories, our Hodge-Podge T-Shirt Quilts, our Double-Sided T-Shirt Quilts, and our Wee Quilts.

Double-Sided T-Shirt Quilts are exactly what the name implies, you can maximize the number of t-shirt you include simply by using both sides of the quilt rather than just the one side.

Hodge-Podge T-Shirt Quilts are your memorable fabrics and t-shirts arranged to create a 100% fully custom quilt. Think outside the square!

Wee Quilts are created with extra care to displaying baby clothes, bibs, booties, and onesies. We can even sew on pacifiers, bonnets, bathing suits, and shoes.

Specialty Quilts

Baby Quilt


Specialty Quilts

Double-Sided Quilt


Specialty Quilts

Hodge-Podge Quilt